Max Clearance Forward Control Arm Kit for Polaris Sportsman 450/500/600/700/800

This product is designed to allow fitment of 31” tires on Polaris Sportsman ATVs with the use of High Lifter 2” lift kits. The product is a redesigned a-arm that has a slightly different geometry (angle from the frame) that moves the axle, bottom of the strut, and wheel hub forward forward from the stock wheel mounting point. The result is a longer wheelbase and additional clearance behind the front tires so that the tire does not rub the lower inner fender.

Without Pro Series Forward Control Arms, a 31” Outlaw tire will rub the plastic inner fender. There are 3 other advantages that this modification provides to riders of Polaris ATVs with oversized tires: 
     A. In stock configuration the cv axle extends from the differential in not only a downward direction toward the wheel hub , it also angles slightly toward the rear, in essence a compound angle. In full lock turns, the load placed upon a CV joint is therefore considerably greater with the stock CV location than with the forward location provided by the new a-arm. 
     B. The angle of attack when an obstruction is encountered is greater with the modification and therefore provides better mobility. In other words, the front tires get to the obstruction first and provides immediate traction, as compared to a front bumper meeting the obstruction first and restricting traction. 
     C. When loaded in the bed of a pickup, the front tires and wheels meet the front of the bed first instead of the bumper meeting the cab or windshield. Note that this occurs in many modified ATVs but is NOT GUARANTEED. Different bumpers and winch mounting configurations determine this. The owner is entirely responsible for determining the safe loading for his own ATV and transportation.


Sportsman ACE 325 (14-15)
Sportsman ACE 325 HD (2015)
Sportsman ACE (2015) 
Sportsman 400 (11-14)

Sportsman 450 (06-07)

Sportsman 500 (05-13)

Sportsman 570 (2014)

Sportsman 570 Touring (2014)

Sportsman 600 (2005)

Sportsman 700 (05-07)

Sportsman 800 (05-14)