Our story is not much different than most of our customers. It began as a search for superior parts for our personal use. We searched many websites and posted questions on the many forums looking for a replacement A arm bushing that would hold up to rugged offroad riding. There were only a handful available but all fell short of our expectations. Next we began researching materials on our own and found a hopeful candidate to make a great product. having a background in the automotive performance and machine shop we built our first set of bushings. After the first weekend of hard riding they were holding steady, and we reported to the friends we had made on the forums. Our next big test was at Mud Nationals and 5 days of extreme riding. once again the bushings held with no issues. we reported to the forums and commented that we were working on making hub and shock bushings. The first reply we received to this set our business in motion "how much would you charge me for a set?" it was not what we were expecting. We decided to help our new friend out and made a set and he loved them. Through word of mouth and a single forum post we have had a massive demand for the parts and are expanding to cover more applications. do to the demand we decided to set up a business and offer a full line of ATV parts and accessories. As we grow we will strive to offer the highest quality and the best prices on all our parts and the best customer service.